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The networking security market includes residential, enterprise and SMB gateways, carrier edge and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), data centers, PONS and other networking equipment. This market is driven by standards such as IPsec, MACsec and P802.3av 10GEPON.

The gateway market segment is experiencing significant growth with the arrival of media gateways for the home. Media gateways offer services including video on demand, personal video recorder features and home networking. The security demands in segment are substantial. They include WAN security, such as IPsec, secure storage of local video and home network security over wireless, phone, coax and powerline.

On the enterprise side of the gateway market, is the network edge router category. Enterprise network equipment suppliers recognize the need to offer high performance and multi-function carrier class gateway product to replace multiple gateway appliances in small/medium enterprises. The new MACsec standards 802.1AE and 802.1X-2010 have been developed to address the security needs for this market segment.

Embedded Security You Can Trust

Elliptic delivers highly integrated and proven embedded security solutions to ASIC / SoC developers and networking OEMs in the networking security space. Elliptic’s solutions offer industry leading performance and functionality and range from security processors and co-processors, to software applications and tools.



Platform Security

Cryptography Middleware

Security Protocol Accelerators and Processors

Embedded Security Modules

Cryptographic Engines



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Elliptic's Secure Foundation of Trust 

Elliptic's tRoot is a highly-secure foundation of trust that enables connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment for further revenue opportunities. tRoot has a unique architecture with the ability to effectively adjust to future security requirements and standards, and enable personalization of features, services and environments to create business growth and monetization in the exploding IoT market. Learn more >>


End-to-end Content Protection

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tVault™ PLUS provides robust end-to-end security by protecting content from distribution centers to smart devices and multiple displays, thus meeting the stringent demands of Hollywood studios. Secrets and content are protected in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) during all stages of DRM playback and link protection for transmission to other devices. tVault PLUS supports multiple DRM and link protection standards including Microsoft® PlayReady®, HDCP 2.2 for Miracast, HDMI and DisplayPort, and DTCP-IP for DLNA applications. The solution is Global Platform compliant and provides an efficient small-footprint solution, enabling full-featured protection of High Definition (HD) or Ultra HD content on mobile and connected devices. Find out more about Ellipitic's tVault product line »


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