Security has become ubiquitous – in many cases you trust that it is there – in other situations you may not even know it is there – but security has permeated nearly every aspect of modern technology.

Security is crucial and it is important to get it right. Whether you place a call, watch an in-flight movie, use a credit card, check an on-line bank account, or turn on your smart phone, you rely on security to protect your conversations and identity. Companies need security to safeguard their property and digital assets, to enable employees to securely work outside the office and to fight the growing tide of gray market and counterfeit products.

Each of these applications drive the need for complete and robust security solutions, based on a combination of security standards, cryptography, certification and security expertise.

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Elliptic offers a broad and trusted embedded security portfolio of highly integrated and intelligent solutions. These solutions help SoC manufacturers, embedded system OEMs, network operators and content providers secure products in a wide range of markets, from wireless, networking, home entertainment and digital media, to smart grid, automotive, card payment, medical, government and military.


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Elliptic's Secure Foundation of Trust 

Elliptic's tRoot is a highly-secure foundation of trust that enables connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment for further revenue opportunities. tRoot has a unique architecture with the ability to effectively adjust to future security requirements and standards, and enable personalization of features, services and environments to create business growth and monetization in the exploding IoT market. Learn more >>


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"I Am tRoot" by Jim Turley

Apart from handling cold-boot procedures, tRoot also lends a hand in other security-related chores. Need to deliver DRM-protected material? Elliptic's hardware and software will manage the keys. Worried about cloning? Your tRoot is on the job. Concerned that hackers armed with sensitive instruments might mount a side-channel attack? That's the sort of thing tRoot was born to fight. Read the EEJournal article about Elliptic tRoot >> 


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