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Elliptic is an active participant in the security community, and monitors many different security application working groups, standards bodies, RFCs and industry trends. We strive to share our security experience and knowledge with our customers and the community as a whole, by offering a range of tools and information to the public through our Knowledge Centre forum. In addition to publications such as our Whitepapers, our Standards Watch newsletter, Press Releases, we also maintain a Blog, as well as a Glossary and FAQ regarding general security issues, and product-specific topics. Free evaluation tools for our products are also available.

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Elliptic tvault TM PLUS PNG web

tVault™ PLUS provides robust end-to-end security by protecting content from distribution centers to smart devices and multiple displays, thus meeting the stringent demands of Hollywood studios. Secrets and content are protected in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) during all stages of DRM playback and link protection for transmission to other devices.

tVault PLUS supports multiple DRM and link protection standards including Microsoft® PlayReady®, HDCP 2.2 for Miracast, HDMI and DisplayPort, and DTCP-IP for DLNA applications. The solution is Global Platform compliant and provides an efficient small-footprint solution, enabling full-featured protection of High Definition (HD) or Ultra HD content on mobile and connected devices. tVault PLUS scales easily to incorporate additional content protection standards while minimizing use of limited TEE resources, offering flexibility, better performance and value while minimizing development costs, risks and time-to-market.

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