Content Protection

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Networking Security

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Platform Security

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Storage Security

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Discover Security for the Connected World

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In today's world, we have endless possibilities of sharing and accessing content and security has never been more critical. As we connect to countless devices across a vast number of applications, the way we conduct our lives and see our future continues to evolve. At Elliptic Technologies, we see a secure future, and the future starts now.


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tVault™ PLUS provides robust end-to-end security by protecting content from distribution centers to smart devices and multiple displays, thus meeting the stringent demands of Hollywood studios. Secrets and content are protected in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) during all stages of DRM playback and link protection for transmission to other devices. tVault PLUS supports multiple DRM and link protection standards including Microsoft® PlayReady®, HDCP 2.2 for Miracast, HDMI and DisplayPort, and DTCP-IP for DLNA applications. The solution is Global Platform compliant and provides an efficient small-footprint solution, enabling full-featured protection of High Definition (HD) or Ultra HD content on mobile and connected devices. Find out more about Ellipitic's tVault product line »


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